Good News my Faithfull Gatos

Have you noticed that my website really has not a lot of pictures and well sometimes doesn’t make sense. Well, let me explain, I destroyed my camera on accident when I was in Europe this summer and have not bought a new one. That said, that’s why the little pictures. The reason why I don’t make sense is because I think that I am slightly insane, I also don’t follow the rule of *(subject,object, verb) in a sentence because for some reason my brain just doesn’t reconized the inportance in rules of grammar. I just like the way words flow into each other and create moods; i write in mood form not grammar I speak the same way, I am understood…sometimes….and to truly be honest i sometimes don’t understand what I even say, like my brain wips out truth in coded diareah. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I HAVE NOW A CAMERA AND WILL BE UPLOADING PICTURES, AND I’LL START A HUNGARY PAGE TO SEE WHAT’S UP IN HUNGARY WHEN I AM THERE.

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