Here in colorado the day is mild, cool really, there maybe snow on the ground but the shade slows the melting. The sunset is always my favorite time. Today I saw everything— quite amazing, I think a worm hole opened due to this conclusion. Where did the worm hole lead well to another time and place, far from the wonderfull earth. Why, then do I write this, nothing really does have a purpose we only attached this after it has already happened. Or does it. I should really stop being so existensial but alas. The snow is cold, it taste good whenever you add cool-aid to it. Yessss sooo delicious!!! Don’t be jealous, you who can’t stand being cold should learn the greatness that is snow. OOOHH I almost forgot you can also slide in the snow it is quite fun, OK, you can slide in the snow with a damn sled , you happy, THERE. (for all of you who can’t understand this right now a young man, who is only 14, said ” You can’t slide in the snow”[like an ass] and therefore was given an answer as I was writting). Back to my point, Snow is white,cold,slippery(when using the correct equipment), and it is delicious. So there you have it.—ONE SECOND… mister 14 said something else. OH…OKAY. Snow is beautiful. Have you ever noticed whenever it has just snowed and your walking down the street how everything just sparkles, seriously, its like tinkerbell from peter pan was murdered everywhere. [BLESSED ARE THE STREET LAMPS OF THE CITY FOR THEY GIVE US THE GLITTER OF SNOW]. Have you ever noticed how right after a snow everything in the morning is just…quite…the peace is unberable. Birds the freest of all creatures don’t even sing. All you hear is the creaking trees. It’s almost as if the white denotes the sound of everything. [BLESSED IS THE SNOW FOR IT GIVES US TIMELESS PEACE WHEN THE WORLD DOESN’T.] To end I love tinkerbell she’s the one who makes the magic happen.

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