Andras chronicle pt. 1

You see that round square there. “which one” the large round open area with the pilar in the middle. “oh yeah” Well, during the sixties when the communist were in power. A large statue was hired to artist, to make. The statue is of lennin. A ceremony in spring was planned. about 3 hours before the opening one of stalins head generals. a man with stinking teeth and breath stinking with a power complex. says in crow like barking ” I want to see the head of the statue” The artisans explained the great difficulty of this request since it took a helicopeter to lay a white sheet on it. The general responded with some more barks and the artisans caved in. The whole process was repeated and the sheet was removed, only to uncover the statues head. “blasphemy” the general yelled, the problem was that the six meter statue on top of a large pilar had no hat to cover the fact that lennin was bald. The general ordered a hat be immediately made. In two hours thousands of people would gather in this small round plaza and witness the unvealing. The artisans rushed to the master stone masons at the local cemetary and asked if they could produce a hat in time. The masons agreed and finished early enough for the hat to be placed on. So all of the people are gathered for the ceremony the unvealing finally happens and there in his magnificence is Lennin, with a hat on his head…….. and one in his hand.

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