Design to the third power

Here in hungary the recent results are there. I was walking towards the market early the other day, sun glare, rush hour, little old ladies on their bicycles, kids going to school. The funny thing was that the street was silent, no one spoke to each other in public. The hungarians just looked forward or towards the ground but never at you, never in the eyes, only quick glances. The shuffle of pants is what I normally here in the morning. Silence dominates daily life, its like 4:33 by John Cage was stuck on repeat. That said, My shenanigans up to know have been designing and redesigning and redesigning. To which i say thank God, here I’m working smarter not harder, everything is chill(as julie malen says). Paul and I have been getting 8 hours + of sleep and work about 8 hours in the studio. What is funny is that both of us think were being lazy but we’re normally the only ones in the studio. My new style was merged with the old so its a neo-victorian voltron industrial magic. Ill post pictures once the prototypes are final. Oh news flash! I’m vegetarian here(veg=less$), paul has ascended to vegan. Two problems though, Im dropping weight and paul isn’t getting enough calories so he’s drinking olive oil. Paul here is stuck, he wasn’t thaught to draw at the school, reason being that he was thaught by Sheri Sparks :(, and he’s designing patterns to carve on his vases. The lack of knowledge has made our instructor show paul the basics of shading, proportion, and perspective. I’m helping him(if he needs) on his carving. Oh also, the designs Im working on are based on the fact that the tea bag has killed the teapot….so…I’m making a teapot that uses the tea bag and if you don’t have a teabag, well you won’t need one, I’m following the philosophy of “It slices, dices, and makes julian fries” such things as that. I have been experimenting with plaster techniques, such as using condoms to get perfectly smooth simetrical and asymetrical forms, carving, plaster wheel, and I’m planning on working on highly textured clever one liners, for selling purposes. Well, may all of the ceramics department here the loud drums, respond to them, spirits high, and speak. BLESSED ARE THE MAD, FOR THEY ARE THE OWNERS OF THEIR MANACLES.

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