An update

I have finished all of my molds, this all happening in two and a half weeks, I have finished my 20 molds. I am tired like road and pavement. So does that mean you leave behind skid marks, shut up you. Sorry about that folks I have the self deprecation button on. let me turn that off real quick. there, that does it. haaaa

Well I am preparing to go to austria in two weeks, this is because I don’t want to be in Hungary illegally. So that’s the big plan. I hear that the studio back in KC is a pretty happening place and I hope everyone is working really hard. Here in the international ceramic studio the ceramic instrument symposium has been quite the spectical to see. There are 6 artist working from latvia,hungary,romania,and I also met a very nice man named charles who is an art restorer. Charles has traveled to a lot of countries, even mongolia. Illona Romule is woking on china painting and tommorrow i have scheduled a time to observe her which will be for about 4 hours and will take notes on china painting. I already have china paint supplies so all I have to do is write down the real small details that makes Illona’s work so damn amazing. I am casting all of next week and I promise, on the word of a vagabond who dreams of clashing spears and parables. that I will put up all of my images once i have one of each casted, I’ll line them up for all of you.

Also, Paul and me have been dreading the arrival of 35 students to the compound. All of which will bring:  drains full of pubic hair, lots of beer, noise, and lots and lots of pure stupid. However, they will also bring the workshops of glass slumping, blowing and rapid positive making my Gabby, which she still hasn’t shown me how to do. It involves a string, pins, and very precise mixing of plaster and timing. Anyway, It will be very busy. But I should be done with all of my things in about two weeks, I only need to cast about 150 items, which sounds like a lot but there are 20 molds. I have made up 5 separate series here.

To end, Like a million bricks, anvils, castles, points of quantum singularity, how heavy my heart does feel when I think of all my friends back in KC, much love. Paul says, ” Alberto, that’s a some bullshit, heavy like helium balloon.” I’m thinking of parables of beyond history of another level of understanding, my… living is so amazing.

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