My work in progress

A poem from Anhang zur Heimskringla(1893) by H. Gering: The generous enemy

In the year 1102, Magnus Barfod attempted to conquer all the kingdoms of Ireland. It is said that he received the following greeting from Muirchertach, the king of Dublin, the night before he died:

May gold and storms serve your army well, Magnus Barfod.

May your battle tomorrow be successful, in the fields of my kingdom.

May your regal hands weave the sword’s cloth, sowing terror.

May those who oppose your sword be food for the red swan.

May your many gods grant you your fill of glory–may they sate you with blood.

May you be victorious at dawn, O king who trots Ireland underfoot.

May none of your numerous days shine more brightly than the day of tomorrow.

Because this day will be your last day, King Magnus, I swear it.

Because before its light is snuffed out, I will defeat you and snuff you out, Magnus Barfod.

It seems that here in hungary I have realized the reason why, functional objects are shaped the way they are, but that’s not what arts all about. So I created images of banality, and some surrealistic but all trying to explain simple truths that we all experience. I use a technique  where one sandwiches images between two slips, but the difference is that there’s no disruption in the surface, I only have here the black slip that makes the image visible and dark, the other using glaze with perfect glaze fit, makes the image more translucent, and the last element makes the image only appear when one has the vessel in a drinking position, or opaque white. I have merged my tea strainers, mug, teapot, and thermos bowl with this technique, i have decided to represent, my way of talking, soft and quiet, some call it mumbling. So the images are seen as the objects are used for their purpose. Here they are in there crude green stage. Enjoy

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