Serbia, Estonians, and the studio

Well, for those of you who still visit,  a lot of things  have happened since last time. First, 40 people from Estonia and Hungary arrived. The Estonians put up an exhibition (sorry no pictures), and made some very nice dinner parties, which everyone in the studio appreciated. The Hungarian students also have invaded the plaster room which Paul doesn’t appreciate. Second, Our visas almost ran out and seeing this we went to the closes country that is not part of the European Union, Serbia. The fortunate thing was that it was three hours away and about 30 dollars for a round trip. There Paul and I went to Subotica and enjoyed a nice conversation and coffee. I have finished all my works and am waiting for Paul to finish. Next week I will have some pics of my new work. Oh… almost forgot, I experimented with some glass slumping and came out with some nice results.

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