New York Minning Disaster

They blew out their lamps to save on air, and darkness surrounded them. None spoke. All they could hear in the dark was the sound of water dripping from the ceiling every five seconds.

“OK, everybody, try not to breathe so much. We don’t have much air left.” and old miner said. He held his  voice to a whisper, but even so the wooden beams on the ceiling of the tunnel creaked faintly. In the dark, the miners huddled together, straining to hear one sound. The sound of pickaxes. The sound of life.

They waited for hours. Reality began to melt away in the darkness. Everything began to feel as if it were happening a long time ago, in a world far away. Or was it happening in the future in a different far-off world?

Outside, people were digging a hole, trying to reach them. It was like a scene from a movie.

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