If all artist create environments, and these include from instillation, performance, and object. Then the artist must realize that the environment they create only becomes an environment when interacted by a viewer.
“but they ignore my works”
“people love my works”
“They say, ‘that’s neat'”
“Society doesn’t value me”
Finding your individuality leads inevitably to a compare and contrast between the artist and the society. This only happens in mind.
In physical reality the artist is still within society, not having a prominent function but one nonetheless.
Our profession gives us the freedom to dance, remember.

I once found a man who shuffled a two card deck. I tried to explain that he had been sitting there and grown old and filthy just shuffling those cards. I told him there are more cards than just one or the other he had.
He shows me the cards that lay upon his raw hands. One is questioning and the other one is blank.

I showed him my open hands.

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