Getting to know some rocks

In the world everyone produces rock with every sound that is uttered and every sound that is thought. It seems that when I stay silent and still, I can feel that endless hailstorm the world produces. A deep rumble in the silent center of the day. I didn’t know what this rumble was so I proposed it stay with me for a week or two just to get to know it a little better. It told through its silence that some people in the world knew how to throw rocks so well that they had made a game out of it. But because they made a game out of it they were bound to play it forever. surprisingly though the hailstorm said that everyone wants to be different in their throwing. Either by using different sized rocks or adjusting their speed and trajectory (hmmm). I asked but what of wise words that I admire and seek everywhere. The hailstorm saidĀ ” that’s when someones words capture silence”.

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