I am happy that everything I try to explain and state as something that is fact is only sometimes right. Well, less than sometimes, rarely I would say. If I would count how many times the universe had won, maybe the universe would have pity on me and let me win just once. I just wait and say silly wrong things. Exactly about one year and ten days ago I said that the universe would never surprise me…

but it did ten days later.

I even heard that the universe decided to change the past so that cause and effect would then cancel the consequences of other events so that SHE appeared. The mighty Sasquatch from the universe where the undead cabbage patch dolls sing the song of the absurd where all the mountains sway and shrink in its spell. The Sasquatch that sang and broke her own universe by hearing a bird of this universe in her dream. This leads me to suspect that the universe had something to do with it. The Sasquatch was then born in Floyd, Virginia.

The consequences that were canceled with the arrival of the Sasquatch,was a total nuclear war and an asteroid demolishing the earth. It may not sound real but terrible things are avoided all the time by the creation of things in the past. Today a roach hatched from its egg and that saved all of Nevada.


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