There is a box of screws that sits in a corner and talks to the air.  Like all friendly things they speak to each other of things to build.  But all they could realistically come up with was rust. The air can’t build any lasting things. But no one can really build that except the universe and that’s still to be determined. 

But there is a something that can never be broken.  It is the fact that all the things that have ever been  are recorded in the web of space and time. Space and time is attached with the things that have never been. Once the ripple created from existence vanishes it goes into the universe that has never been and is replaced by something that was also once forgotten.

I heard that the air and the nails caught hold of this and decided to build a castle , a boat, a shoe, a tree, even a machine that makes people good. Once they had finished they settled in a beach house in Miami and drank Pina Coladas till the sun came up.

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