I once heard that on earth there is a sound that makes the angels weep. Its made by a shrimp like creature that has never been seen and never been heard. Strangely though it is the first complex creature that was created in the early oceans when the earth began. It has survived generation after generation by hiding in the deepest and loneliest place in the oceans.
There it stretches its two tiny antenna and closes them enough to form a space where all that has been on earth is sung in the absence of sound, what I mean is…. the song is not sound but made of space and time. The angels weep because they understand life with that song, a jouyous weep.

It is also said that one day the ocean learned the song, it told the rivers that told the wind. The wind was so moved that it made the clouds and told everybody. The unfortunate thing is that the ocean made the mistake of singing with matter,space,and time. Instead of just Space and Time, so the wonder and the beauty and complexity remain, but not the original.

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