Flipping Coins

Today I dressed myself in the most beautiful clothes that anyone had ever seen. The mere radiance of the apparel sent people wailing to their broken homes. There, they acted in a completely new attitute and personality. Everything about them changed and so the home was not broken anymore.

Today I walked with the sadest look. It was a smile and that smile made people understand that they were luckier than me, but I smiled becuase I knew I was luckier than someone else.

Today I sat and understood that some things just are and can never be changed. “But what if i painted it REd” You’d just add another layer to the cake nothing changed cause it’s still a cake.

Today I sampled the sweetest cake, it was good. So I had some cofee. Then I remembered that I forgot everything that I had done that day and so I was happy. Remembering is a double edged sword.

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