Red Eyes

They say that once you go to sleep and dream. All your really doing is retracing your whole day and creating memory that is useful. But have you ever had a dream whose climax end with you waking up. The kind of climax I’m talking about is one that involves you becoming conscious of the fact that the dream is going to reveal something that’s terribly important, but as you are ready to hear, see, smell, or touch. The dream ends abruptly.

What I think happens is your brain is telling you something truthful about life after dealing all night with the memory section of your brain. So the brain carefully deduces out of all your experience a statement, it chooses carefully and says it, and clearly the answer to all dreams is the ever subjective waking of an individual. So clearly the greatest truth you will ever have about life will be when you wake.

A silly man once said, “Boy that’s an eye opener.”

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