Drinking Coffee and Thinking Strange

The pattern of life is so complicated that God decided to make a coffee and think about what had been created for just , Oh I don’t know……. God hasn’t stopped thinking. What actually happened was that God made another universe for thought. God likes to think, I’m saying this cause well if I am able to use free will it must be true that I am able to access god’s thoughts through my imagination. I heard a priest say this in the 1650’s a long time ago (just accessed someone’s thoughts a long time ago, see how this works). Anyway the God of this universe decided that since a branch was created in the universe tree that why not give everything free will. The branches kept growing and growing and growing, forever and ever. The pattern of life is extremely complicated, and so was only allowed to be created on certain parts of the universe. This explains the limit of imagination, you can only create infinite variables on the limited knowledge your perception and brain will allow. In other words life is only connected to a limited number of universes. As things happen or don’t maybe life will connect to all the universes one day. Maybe one day I will be a great artist.

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