Break Time at work. Autumn

There is nothing better than sipping tea and realizing that you need to go to the supply store for your clay projects. Since I have little to no supplies I’ll finish trimming the last bowls for a commission that I have, and then surf the internet. Tomorrow my black porcelain test tiles will be out of the kiln so maybe I can redesign my formulas.
During the Day I am an administrative assistant/ Art teacher, I teach an average of 25.5 kids a day, for 2-3 hours, its nice. Kids are hilarious.

The leaves rustled in the wind as they pass outside my window. Outside my window is a parking lot with landscape and a large dragon sculpture. Inside this building that I work in I help this community everyday. Everyday the leaves turn brighter, and everyday more and more of them come down to make large piles on the sidewalk. Autumn is so nice.

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