After the First Storm

The wind blew, I took the breath,

the house fell, and off we went.

Into the dead grey city, to learn more about persistence.

Here in Syracuse Molly and I have been struggling to adapt from our move. No longer do I have a nice paying job. No longer do Molly and I have our afternoons. No longer is a peaceful moment, peaceful. For I am in Graduate School where I am not allowed to make assertions in the form of words where demonstrable truth comes only in the form of shaped matter. No longer can I call clay, clay, the sculptors of time, space, and concept have created a tautology that they themselves cannot admit. But, what is strength when you have nothing to be strong in response to? The first semester has passed, I have a 4.0GPA, I am happy. Molly has finished her first semester for her MBA, she has a 4.0, oh yeah. I have finally figured out how all the chemicals and the kilns work here in Syracuse, Nice. I have realized that I am lucky to have come to such a great program, the professors are wise and fair, which is like hitting the lotto, really it is. I was the Teaching Assistant to the Plaster/Mold making class and it was awesome, I learned that one needs to be extremely explicit when giving instruction to college students, as they come from different backgrounds. I was congratulated on a job well done and that made me feel like I can really teach lots and lots of folks when I become a professor. Also, I have created a new forming style that uses all of the techniques I have learned in creating plaster prototypes and combined them into a really hard way of making utilitarian objects, but it is worth it. Oh yeah, I am the press secretary of the Clay Club and am in charge of all media that is distributed during the year. It is awesome. Finally, I am on the cusp on creating the most beautiful things I have ever made, because they are beautiful and they are useful, and they can make you feel something, and they say something, and they surprise you, and they come home with you, and they can help the community. My goal next semester is to inspire if only a little.

The day has finally come, I can shape clay like no one else has, may my name be forgotten and my pieces be remembered, that is all I hope for things that I make.

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