Outline Exercise #1

Historical introduction:
Introduction of Theo Van Doesburg, is hero of modernism.
Contrary to expectations De Stijl not part of Weimar Bauhaus.
Doesburg not provocative/conspirator
luminaires of Weimar region and Bauhaus took classes from him.

Introduction of argument:
1922 was pivotal moment in history of modernism
ideologies involved are De Stijl vs. Expressionism vs. Dada.
Johanes Itten = Expressionism
Van Doesburg = De Stijl
Moholy Nagy = Dada/constructivism
Van Doesburg is trying to be part of German Scene and thus is using constructivism against Itten and is using dada against Moholy-Nagy.
Argument Presented:
Events of 1922 in Weimar reveal turning point in Modernism from 19th to 20th century. change come from public.
Itten’s teachings:
Explain influence on teaching style, explain itten’s teaching methods, materials used.
All for perceptual training.
Explain further:
Deconstruction of Master works to reveal constant forms of square circle and triangle.
Contrast Theory and salomo friedlaender
Theory of harmonization. and Gertrud Grunow
Color theory and prism of Newton and ostwald and holzel
Validity of prior ideas
Connections of Itten and Mazdaznan
Ittens philosophy of reliving works of art/ reincarnation within lifetime.
Itten’s teaching was part therapy for stress plagued moder human. Concept that is shared by Kandinsky, Kasimir, and other artist colonies.
Van Doesburgs Teachings:
Van Doesburg indirectly attacks instruction at the Bauhaus in 1922.
Van Doesburg’s goal was to create system for a science of design
metaphor of Karl Peter Rohl’s drawing in 1922.
Difference of Van Doesburg painting,
Van Doesburg make a prediction about future of style.
Van Doesburg draws from Piet Mondrian, the pioneer of De Stijl.
Bauhaus Students tried to understand De Stijl.
Efforts ended in many experiment very few questionable result.
Impact of style is KURI group.
Artists’ circles, Artists’ Clashes
May 1922 1st international congress of progressive artist and the De Stijl disaster
quote from van Doesburg
Reveal of van Doesburg opposition plan.
Van Doesburg sabotages in dadaist fashion a september 1922 constructivist meeting.
Relenting after clashes with colleagues and renewal of De Stijl through Germany.
Difference between itten and van Doesburg in 1922. Van doesburgs views are given second and language suggest is the right answer.
Van doesburg critiques Itten and Moholy-Nagy to have gains for self.
Van Doesburg’s strategy in the end is used by Gropius and Bauhauss in later stage. Thus the influence of van Doesburg.

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