Sunburnt, I have returned from my show at Rogue Space, in New York City. I am rather tired from ceaselessly moving from gallery to gallery in the West Chelsea district. I saw many wonderful shows, and luckily saw a Ken Price show of the many drawings that he had made. Ken prices textures are so complicated that one can spend hours just looking at them.

New York City wasn’t too expensive, especially if you find the right vendors that sell coffee  and pastries for cash only. I spent 5 dollars for breakfast during the two days I went to New York, it was great.

I was extremely lucky this time around because I was able to find on street parking, and didn’t need to pay for parking during one day. That was about a $60 savings, because of this, I treated myself to a nacho appetizer at dinner with friends. Sadly, heartburn set in, the next morning.

The show went great, as usual no one sold anything, and lots of great conversations happened during the night time. What were they about? Mostly observations and questions for clarity.

As for fashion, lots of lovely clothes and uncomfortable shoes. I proudly can say that I have two blisters on the top of my feet.

Driving from New York City at night was tiring, as one has to keep a ready response for deer. I chose to stay close to a tractor trailer for shielding purposes. I passed many deer that were in very bad shape.

Now home, it is time for applying to many open jobs, hope everything goes well.

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