Artist in Residence at Midwestern State University 2016-2018

Its been about a year and a half since I have written on my website and a lot has happened in that time. A few months after graduating from Syracuse University I attained a position at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX as the artist in Residence in the Ceramics Department, and Adjunct faculty headed my Mr. Steve Hilton.

Generously I have been provided an apartment and no bills its rather amazing if I really think about it. Not only that but I have all my art supplies paid for and I get to teach 2 classes, one for non art majors and the other for continuing education students. However, being that I went to 2 private schools with limited funding I have accrued quite the student loan debt. To my good fortune I have also found another job as the lead instructor in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Distance Learning program created by a local not for profit arts organization called The Kemp Center for the Arts and assisted by the Region 9 Education center’s technology department. I teach basic drawing, painting, and paper craft exercises along with art history and scientific theory to student in both primary and secondary levels. This program allows me to teach via 2 way Skype to schools in the Northern Texas/Southern Oklahoma region who want supplementary art classes, or have no art classes in their schools, currently I have over 1000 students and 16 Schools. At Midwestern I get to instruct about 30 college students every semester, as well as manage supplies, make clay and glazes, fire all types of kilns (atmospheric, gas, wood, salt/soda, and electric), and am responsible for organizing the creating of 1000 empty bowls!! For Fall 2017 I have 1100 students and like a rabbit out of a hat I have just enough time to be in 8 Shows this year with 1 solo show. My hair is mostly fire nowadays but through constant work I prevail over any obstacle.

If your curious as to how the people in “Texoma” are then I’ll write down the answer: they are very kind hearted, supportive, and polite. I have yet to experience a foul person during my time here.

Below are some pictures of my students, workstation, and kilns.

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