“What a lovely spring” is what I thought when my last semester of teaching ended here at Midwestern State University. The many reasons are:


  1. My family visited me with the dog. Lots of food, fun, and teasing.
  2.  I had the great privilege of presenting, with my crew of amazing students and Assistants, a quick demo on the “Daylight” slip casting technique, at the 2018 National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. The “Daylight” technique allows for hidden images within porcelain slip-cast objects.
  3. My students of the non major class really worked hard this semester and were accepted into the Art department’s juried show, and one of them won the judges ceramic award with a ceramic wood fired bagel!
  4. I finally figured out how to cast a teapot/coffee pot with vases within the designs, I call the design: “Blue Girl”. I put flowers in it and it makes me a bit happy.
  5. I’ve been working on 3D modeling and rendering on Blender and how to produce .stl files on blender for ceramic 3D printing. Its a good program that with photogrammetry can produce high poly and low poly objects, and blender is free forever, good deal for any artist. Here in Wichita Falls, Texas you have to search for the folks who have a CNC or Stereolithography resin printer or filament 3D printer.
  6. I am creating a new portfolio to involve 3D modeling process and Experimental techniques for ceramics and sculpture.
  7. I have awesome friends in Wichita Falls who are very supportive, generous, and honorable.

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