I am from Aurora, Colorado and have been involved in ceramic artistic endeavors since age 10. I have since graduated with my BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in Dec. 2008.  After a couple of years of trying to be a studio potter and working at Downtown Aurora Visual Arts an at risk youth arts program, I decided to got to graduate school to ask different questions about my ceramic art and understand it better. For 3 years I attended the MFA program at Syracuse University, and graduated in May 2016. There I  instructed the mold making class for 3 Semesters, taught a summer course, and helped instruct in mold making and wheel throwing. My graduate assignments were Kiln Tech, Shaped Clay Club Designer, Mold room supply and maintenance, and Teaching Assistant for primarily Associate Professor Errol Willett (Grandmaster of Clay).

I am currently the resident artist at Midwestern State University in the Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts, in Wichita Falls, TX. I instruct two classes in the ceramics department, one is for non art majors and the other is for continuing education students. I make art about the different ways I investigate compassion and kindness, either my own, others, or none when I fail. I do this through technique, conceptual research, interviews, and material research. What I make is utilitarian objects and symbolic objects.

Lastly, I also am the distance learning instructor for the Kemp Center for the Arts, I give supplementary art classes to 14 elementary schools via 2 way video conferencing at Region 9 education center. I have more than 1100 students. Being that I always wanted to teach art I’d say I am quite content.

Contact: albertoveronicalopez@gmail.com

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