Show Opening!

Mix It Up

Artworks by DAVA staff

Opening Reception: February 28th, 4:30-7:30 pm

With a performance by Catur Eka Santi, a gamelan ensemble of four, including DAVA staff Frankie Anderson, at 5 pm and at 6 pm during the opening.

Exhibit open from February 28th to March 21st, 2013.

Everyone’s personal experience at DAVA contributes to the diversity of mediums and concepts taught in programs. This exhibition includes works in a variety of media by DAVA’s teaching staff Viviane Le Courtois, Krista Robinson, Luzia Ornelas, Alberto Veronica, Rudi Monterosso, Jessica Gross and Marta Flores. Volunteers Dan Four Thunders and Molly Jones add to the mix. The exhibition includes works in a wide range of media, including ceramic, sculpture, fiber art, painting and video installation. This is a rare opportunity to meet and view works by DAVA staff, all of whom are professional working artists working alongside youth.

All staff influence DAVA students through teaching and mentoring. In turn, all are inspired by students on a variety of ways. Viviane Le Courtois will exhibit crochet and candy sculptures commenting on obesity and nutrition while Dan Four Thunders will comment on substance abuse issues among Native Americans. Alberto Veronica and Molly Jones, will present new functional works in clay. Through an interactive video installation, Luzia Ornelas presents her focus on interactive digital media. Marta Flores recycles materials and crochet in elaborate purses and belts. The high level of experimentation and sharing contributes to the daily creative atmosphere at DAVA

Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am-5pm, or by appointment

DAVA is located at 1405 Florence St., Aurora CO 80010

For more information, call DAVA at 303 367 5886 or visit

above: ceramic by Alberto Veronica and painting by Rudi Monterosso.


Test Results

I would like to give you the good news. I have finally been able to create a turquoise crystal on a black background. It looks amazing. I also created a golden yellow crystal on a black background. All other test showed interesting silvery square crystals. I will now up the temperature and drop the colorants within the slip. It is very exciting. However I have hurt my back, I think I pushed myself last week and the universe is taking back what I took from it. I’ll post pictures of the pieces I make after the adjustments.

The Moonlight series is coming……

Break Time at work. Autumn

There is nothing better than sipping tea and realizing that you need to go to the supply store for your clay projects. Since I have little to no supplies I’ll finish trimming the last bowls for a commission that I have, and then surf the internet. Tomorrow my black porcelain test tiles will be out of the kiln so maybe I can redesign my formulas.
During the Day I am an administrative assistant/ Art teacher, I teach an average of 25.5 kids a day, for 2-3 hours, its nice. Kids are hilarious.

The leaves rustled in the wind as they pass outside my window. Outside my window is a parking lot with landscape and a large dragon sculpture. Inside this building that I work in I help this community everyday. Everyday the leaves turn brighter, and everyday more and more of them come down to make large piles on the sidewalk. Autumn is so nice.

Test results

Recently I have been trying to get a white, light blue-green, light yellow gold, and blue crystal on a black background. I am talking about crystalline glaze here, the reason why? Is because my next series is called the “Moonlight”. 

In the moonlight everything has a blue tint to it, even the snow as it falls. That’s what I want to accomplish, a way to say “snow falling in the moonlight” by visually describing it.

Formulating the 2nd and 3rd layers of space is hard work. But I have made 10 black porcelain test tiles and am ready to start again. The first test had a bad control due to temperature loss. Next week I might make history, the first to make a yellow crystal on a black background, I am soooooo excited, but I am sooooooo tired. I work too much. Recently I have added a new student to my schedule, now I have five.

On another note, I have come up with a levitating cup using permanent magnets but am unable to bring myself to make it. I can feel the universe yelling at me for taking the idea before I was suppose to.

The super technique is my main goal, the technique that turns ceramic techniques into symbols that are more accurate than word and letters. I must first master the Moonlight, then I will be able to get closer to my goal.


Poison is drained from Potter

The joy of making is only announced once an idea is manifested into reality. I have been holding an idea for about a year now and it has been poisoning me. Little by little I have ran out of time to finish the idea. So I have made time, and now I will fire. I will fire the floating magnetic thermos cup prototype, the tessellated fish plates and the subliminal wind series. I am afraid of what I come up next, I am getting closer to my dream technique, to succeed in one’s dream is frightening, but I don’t know why. Is manifesting one’s imagination into reality really joyous or does it manifest ambivalence?

I took a deep sigh here in my office. the swamp cooler made an agreeable humming sound. The post it notes and address labels danced with the cool air passing in front of my computer screen. What awaits me now is the reason why my art must wait. I must help my communities kids. But at least I’ll pass my marigolds on my way to the free studio.

Why the clouds let go of colorful rain.

Standing on the shore she could see the streaked sky. Closing her eyes she felt the breeze. It smelled of earth. She could hear the hum of traffic, the voices of people, the cries of birds. No longer did she care of what was said, what things meant, she just was. Eyes closed she looked to the sky and waited.

Like fluttering wings of angels the rain fell.


Concept for next composition for